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Crema Marfil 18x18X.63 Classic MSI Tiles

Crema Marfil 18x18X.63 Classic MSI Tiles

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Product Description

Crema Marfil Classic marble from Spain features an elegant blend of golds and beiges to create a distinctive marble countertop or marble tile floor. Polished and honed finishes are available to suit a variety of design styles. Utilize marble slabs and coordinating marble tiles to create stunning marble floors, statement kitchen islands, accent walls, and other architectural design features where soothing and luxurious elements are desired.


Feature Details
Primary Color(S) Beige
Material Type Marble
Country Spain
Variations High
Available Finishes Polished
Environmental Greenguard Gold, USGBC/LEED
Additional Resources Disclaimer, Hide, Prop65-SILICA, CPSC-SILICA


Area Residential Commercial
Countertops Yes Yes
Flooring Yes Yes
Wall Yes Yes
Other Freezing Climate: Yes
Exterior Usage: Yes
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