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EMSER TILE Marquesa 16" X 47", Glazed Ceramic (15.3960 SF per box)

EMSER TILE Marquesa 16" X 47", Glazed Ceramic (15.3960 SF per box)

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The Emser Tile Marquesa is a stunning glazed ceramic that exudes refinement and timeless beauty. With its intricate floret pattern, it adds a touch of regality to any space. On the other hand, the blanc pattern offers a fresh and modern feel, creating a versatile tile that can easily adapt to different design styles.

Featuring a large format size of 16" x 47", this ceramic tile provides an ideal choice for various applications. Its classic marble look adds an elegant touch to both residential and commercial settings.

Key Features:

  • Refined designs with a sense of timeless beauty
  • Intricate floret pattern for a regal air

The Emser Tile Marquesa comes with several technical specifications. It has a rectified edge detail, ensuring precise and seamless installation. With 11 faces, it offers a unique and captivating visual appeal. The satin finish adds a luxurious touch to the overall look of the tile, while the 11mm thickness provides durability and stability.

Key Benefits:

  • Versatile design suitable for various applications
  • Durable and stable construction for long-lasting performance

The recommended grout joint for this tile is 3/16 inch, offering a clean and polished finish. Please note that the thickness of the tile could vary based on its size. Larger format tiles will have a higher thickness, adding an extra level of durability.

For more detailed information, you can download the Marquesa specs here.

Color : Blanc
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