How MAGMA Will Build Your ADU?

MAGMA™ ADU Construction Process in Phoenix, AZ

MAGMA™ ADU Construction Process in 60 days

1. MAGMA initiates a meeting with the customer to understand their needs and assess the property. During the site visit, our team evaluates the space, zoning regulations, and any constraints unique to the property.

2. Design and Proposal: Based on the consultation and site assessment, MAGMA presents design options that align with the customer's preferences and local regulations. A comprehensive proposal is created, outlining design specifics, estimated costs, and the proposed timeline of fewer than 60 days.

3. Pre-Construction Preparations: Upon customer approval, MAGMA swiftly begins preparations, procuring necessary materials and obtaining permits to comply with Phoenix's building codes.

4. Foundation and Infrastructure Preparation (Days 1-10): Groundwork commences swiftly, including foundation laying and utility connections, ensuring a solid base for the ADU.

5. Modular Construction (Days 11-40): MAGMA utilizes efficient modular construction methods, fabricating sections off-site to expedite the process. These pre-built sections are then swiftly assembled on-site, significantly reducing construction time.

6. Interior Finishing and Detailing (Days 41-50): While the main structure is being assembled, interior work begins simultaneously, including insulation, electrical, plumbing, and interior finishes.

7. Inspection and Quality Checks (Days 51-55): Throughout the process, regular inspections are conducted to ensure compliance with regulations and maintain quality standards.

8. Final Touches and Handover (Days 56-60): In the final days, MAGMA focuses on finishing touches, such as landscaping, final inspections, and addressing any minor adjustments. The completed ADU is presented to the customer within the promised timeline of fewer than 60 days, ready for immediate use.

9. Post-Construction Support: MAGMA offers ongoing support, addressing any inquiries or concerns the customer may have post-handover."

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