Tile Floor Installation Service

Unlocking the Art of Tile Floor Installation with MAGMA

When it comes to the art of installing tiles on your floors, MAGMA is your trusted partner. Our step-by-step guide ensures that the process is both precise and meticulously planned, reflecting the same dedication to excellence that sets us apart in the home improvement industry.

Essential Materials and Tools Provided by MAGMA:

  • Superior Tiles
  • Cutting-edge Tile Adhesive (Thin-Set Mortar)
  • Professional Trowel
  • Expert-Approved Tile Spacers
  • Precision-Leveling Tools
  • State-of-the-Art Tile Cutter or Wet Saw
  • Premium Grout Selection
  • High-Quality Grout Float
  • Specialized Sponges
  • A Convenient Bucket
  • Specially Designed Notched Trowels
  • Reliable Chalk Lines
  • Accurate Measuring Tapes
  • Safety Gear for Your Protection

MAGMA's Tile Floor Installation Process:

Step 1: Subfloor Preparation - Your Foundation for Excellence

  • At MAGMA, we begin by meticulously preparing the subfloor, ensuring it is impeccably clean, dry, and perfectly level. Any imperfections or cracks are expertly repaired.
  • If your project involves tiling over a wooden subfloor, we enhance its stability by adding a layer of cement backer board, securely fastened. For concrete subfloors, we may apply a self-leveling underlayment to achieve a flawless surface.

Step 2: Layout Perfection - MAGMA's Artistic Touch

  • With a flair for design, we meticulously measure the room, marking the central point as the focal axis. Our skilled professionals snap chalk lines to create a grid, elegantly dividing your space into harmonious quadrants.
  • MAGMA's creative touch shines as we dry-lay tiles along the grid lines to plan a layout that is both beautiful and functional. We adjust the lines with an artistic eye, ensuring that no uneven cuts mar the edges of your space.

Step 3: Thin-Set Mortar Mixing - The Heart of Your Installation

  • Our attention to detail is unmatched. Following the manufacturer's instructions to the letter, we expertly mix the thin-set mortar to achieve a consistency reminiscent of creamy peanut butter.

Step 4: Artful Application of Thin-Set Mortar

  • At MAGMA, we commence our installation at the intersection of your meticulously laid chalk lines. With a notched trowel in hand, we spread a thin, perfectly textured layer of thin-set mortar on your subfloor.
  • Our precision is visible as we only spread enough mortar for a few tiles at a time, ensuring it retains its ideal consistency throughout the process.

Step 5: Tile Placement - MAGMA's Flawless Craftsmanship

  • Placing the first tile at the intersection of the chalk lines, we press it into the mortar with an artistic touch, ensuring a seamless bond. Our use of tile spacers guarantees consistently elegant spacing between tiles.
  • With the grace of a master artist, we continue to lay tiles along the grid lines, working outward step by step. A level ensures the tiles align perfectly, creating a visually captivating and even surface.

Step 6: Precision Tile Cuts - MAGMA's Customization

  • When the occasion calls for it, we measure and mark any tiles that require precise cuts to fit along the walls. Using a state-of-the-art tile cutter or wet saw, we execute the cuts with the expertise of a craftsman.
  • Our commitment to safety is unwavering. Our team members always wear the necessary safety gear when cutting tiles.

Step 7: Time for Setting - MAGMA's Patience and Precision

  • MAGMA knows the importance of patience. We allow the installed tiles to set in the mortar for the duration recommended by the manufacturer, typically 24 hours.

Step 8: Grout Application - MAGMA's Seamless Finish

  • The grout mix is prepared according to the manufacturer's instructions, and a grout float is used to artfully spread the grout evenly over the tiles, gently pressing it into the gaps.
  • Excess grout on tile surfaces is carefully removed with a damp sponge, leaving a clean, seamless finish.

Step 9: Optional Grout Sealing - MAGMA's Protection

  • For added protection against staining, MAGMA offers the option to seal the grout, following the instructions provided by the grout sealer manufacturer.

Step 10: The Final Touch - MAGMA's Finishing Excellence

  • Once the grout is dry, our meticulous team buffs the tile surface to remove any remaining grout haze, ensuring a stunning result.
  • We complete the installation by reinstalling baseboards and transition strips, leaving your tiled floor not only visually captivating but also ready for use.

At MAGMA, our tile floor installation is a work of art. We approach each project with the same precision, attention to detail, and creativity that define our home improvement store and remodeling company. If perfection is your goal, trust MAGMA to bring your vision to life on your floors.

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