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EMSER TILE Prodigy Floor SBN , Glazed Porcelain

EMSER TILE Prodigy Floor SBN , Glazed Porcelain

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Introducing the EMSER TILE Prodigy Floor SBN, Glazed Porcelain! Pure sophistication meets the beauty of nature's stone looks in this outstanding collection. No matter the space or design aesthetic, Prodigy is the perfect complement that provides a stylish foundation for any project.

With its range of sizes, you have flexibility to create your desired look. Choose from 24" x 24" or 12" x 24" tiles, each displaying exceptional craftsmanship with rectified edges for a seamless finish.

  • Key Feature 1: Matte and polished finish options add versatility, allowing you to achieve the desired level of elegance in your space.
  • Key Feature 2: The thickness of 8mm ensures durability while maintaining a sleek profile.

The Prodigy Floor SBN also offers a high face count, with 64 faces for 24" x 24" tiles and 128 faces for 12" x 24" tiles. This means every tile showcases the intricate details and natural patterns that mimic the charm of real stone.

Installation is hassle-free with the recommended grout joint of 3/16". It helps create a clean and cohesive look while still allowing for slight variation and movement.

For detailed technical specifications, you can download the Prodigy specs here.

Elevate your space with the EMSER TILE Prodigy Floor SBN, Glazed Porcelain. Its timeless beauty and exceptional quality make it the perfect choice for your next project.

Color : Floor SBN Matte
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