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EMSER TILE Network 63" X 126", Glazed Body Match Porcelain

EMSER TILE Network 63" X 126", Glazed Body Match Porcelain

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The EMSER TILE Network is a stunning collection of glazed body match porcelain that recreates the industrial, avant-garde look of concrete. With its large format sizes and bold hues, this tile is sure to make a statement in any space.

Featuring a matte finish, the EMSER TILE Network is both stylish and durable. Its rectified edge detail adds a touch of precision and sophistication. Available in multiple sizes including 12 x 23, 23 x 47, 31 x 31, and the impressive 63 x 126, this tile offers versatility for various installation layouts.

Key Features:

  • Industrial, avant-garde look that adds a bold statement to any space
  • Glazed body match porcelain for durability and longevity

The thickness of the EMSER TILE Network may vary based on the size, with larger format tiles having a higher thickness. This tile is recommended with a 1/8 inch grout joint for a seamless and aesthetically pleasing installation.

Nominal Size (in.) Edge Detail Finish Faces Thickness (in.)* Lbs/PC Grout Joint Recommendation (in.)
12 x 23 Rectified Matte 30 3/8 7.70 1/8
23 x 47 Rectified Matte 10 3/8 30.80 1/8
31 x 31 Rectified Matte 24 3/8 27.50 1/8
63 x 126 Rectified Matte 3 9/32 168.10 1/8

Download the Network specs for more detailed information.

With its captivating design and high-quality construction, the EMSER TILE Network is the perfect choice for those seeking a contemporary and stylish flooring option.

Color : Gray
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