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EMSER TILE Realm II 12" X 24", Glazed Porcelain

EMSER TILE Realm II 12" X 24", Glazed Porcelain

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Introducing the EMSER TILE Realm II 12" X 24" Glazed Porcelain, a stunning addition to any residential interior. This tile collection beautifully echoes the timeless beauty of honed marble, with subtle veining and refined movement that enhances the overall aesthetic. Its sophisticated colors, along with crackled and distressed details, impart a natural feel to any space.

The Realm II tile features a matte finish, adding to its elegance and making it suitable for a variety of design styles. With its 12" x 24" size, this tile is versatile and can be used to create a range of layouts, allowing you to unleash your creativity. Its pressed edge detail adds a touch of sophistication to any installation.

This glazed porcelain tile boasts remarkable technical specifications. It has a nominal size of 12" x 24" and offers a thickness of 9.8mm (note that tile thickness may vary based on size). The recommended grout joint is 3/16", ensuring a seamless and professional finish.

Key Features/Benefits:

  • Mirrors traditional honed marble with subtle veining
  • Crackled and distressed details for a natural aesthetic

With its unparalleled beauty and durability, EMSER TILE Realm II 12" X 24" Glazed Porcelain is the perfect choice for homeowners looking to transform their living spaces. Incorporate this tile into your residential interior design projects and create stunning, sophisticated, and inviting spaces that will leave a lasting impression.

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