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Metropolis #3 Grey 12x24 Matte Sun Stone

Metropolis #3 Grey 12x24 Matte Sun Stone

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The Metropolis #3 Grey 12x24 Matte Sun Stone is a stylish and versatile flooring option suitable for indoor use only. Whether you're looking to give your commercial space a modern upgrade or want to add a touch of elegance to your residential home, this porcelain tile is the perfect choice.

With its matte finish, the Metropolis #3 Grey tile adds a subtle sophistication to any room. The 12x24 size is just right for creating a contemporary look, and the grey color adds a sleek and timeless appeal.

  • Easy to install: These porcelain tiles are designed for easy installation, making it hassle-free for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.
  • Durable and low-maintenance: Made from high-quality materials, this tile is built to withstand heavy foot traffic and everyday wear and tear. Its low-maintenance nature means you can spend more time enjoying your beautiful floors and less time cleaning.

One box of Metropolis #3 Grey contains 10 square feet, providing enough coverage to transform a small space or complete a bigger project. Whether you're renovating your kitchen, bathroom, or living area, this tile offers endless possibilities for enhancing your space.

Upgrade your floors with the Metropolis #3 Grey 12x24 Matte Sun Stone. Its modern design, durability, and easy installation make it a top choice for homeowners and professionals alike. Add a touch of sophistication to your space with this versatile tile.

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