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Schluter®-TREP-E/-EK Stair-nosing profile with slip-resistant wear surface

Schluter®-TREP-E/-EK Stair-nosing profile with slip-resistant wear surface

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Introducing the Schluter®-TREP-E/-EK Stair-nosing profile with a slip-resistant wear surface. This innovative design is all about protecting your tiled stair edges while providing a visually appealing and safe solution.

With Schluter®-TREP-E/-EK Stair-nosing profile, you can bid farewell to chipped tile edges on your stairs. Its durable construction ensures long-lasting performance, even in areas exposed to light foot traffic. Whether it's for your residential space, office, shopping mall, or any public area, this stair-nosing profile has got you covered.

What sets this profile apart is its slip-resistant wear surface that guarantees a secure step every time. Say goodbye to slips and falls on slippery stairs!

Key Features:

  • Stainless steel anchoring leg embedded in the tile bond coat for maximum stability
  • Easy visibility with an eye-catching design

Experience the convenience of easy installation and repair. TREP-EK can be bonded to existing applications, making it an ideal solution for repairs. Additionally, there are end caps available for TREP-E to provide a polished finish to your staircase.

Upgrade your staircase with the Schluter®-TREP-E/-EK Stair-nosing profile. Enjoy durability, safety, and style!

Don't settle for ordinary. Choose Schluter®-TREP-E/-EK Stair-nosing profile to elevate your staircase design and enhance its functionality. Buy yours today!

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