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Schluter®-TREP-G/-GK Stair-nosing profile with replaceable non-slip tread, mineral grain coating

Schluter®-TREP-G/-GK Stair-nosing profile with replaceable non-slip tread, mineral grain coating

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Introducing the revolutionary Schluter®-TREP-G/-GK Stair-nosing profile with replaceable non-slip tread. Designed to protect tiled stair edges, this innovative stair-nosing profile not only enhances safety but also adds a visually appealing touch to any staircase.

With its slip-resistant wear surface, the Schluter®-TREP-G/-GK ensures a durable and long-lasting solution. The self-adhesive slip-resistant tread features a colored embedded mineral grain coating, available in various colors, to suit any style or décor.

One of the standout features of this profile is its replaceable non-slip tread. Now you can easily maintain the traction and safety of your staircase by simply replacing the worn-out tread, without the need for extensive renovations or repairs.

Another noteworthy feature is the stainless steel anchoring leg, which is seamlessly embedded in the tile bond coat. This anchoring leg not only enhances the overall durability of the profile but also ensures a secure and reliable installation.

Whether it's for offices, shopping malls, or other public areas, the Schluter®-TREP-G/-GK is the ideal choice for enhancing safety and adding a touch of style to your staircase. With its retrofit application, the TREP-GK offers a convenient solution for existing installations.

End caps are also available, providing a seamless and finished look to the stair-nosing profile. The brushed stainless steel finish adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any space.

  • Prevents tile edges on stairs from chipping
  • Ensures a slip-resistant wear surface

Additional Specifications:

  • Features a self-adhesive slip-resistant tread with colored embedded mineral grain coating (various colors available)
  • Slip-resistant tread is replaceable
  • Features a stainless steel anchoring leg which is embedded in the tile bond coat
  • Ideal for offices, shopping malls, and other public areas
  • TREP-GK is installed as a retrofit application
  • End caps available
  • Available in brushed stainless steel
Color : black
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