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Woodland Gris 9x48 Matte Western Pacific Tile

Woodland Gris 9x48 Matte Western Pacific Tile

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If you're looking for a stunning flooring option that effortlessly combines timeless beauty and modern durability, look no further than the Woodland Gris 9x48 Matte Western Pacific Tile. This exquisite tile is perfect for indoor use, specifically designed for floors that will leave a lasting impression on anyone who enters your space.

With its matte finish, this tile adds a touch of sophistication to any residential or commercial setting. Its versatile design seamlessly complements a wide range of interior styles, from contemporary to rustic. Whether you're renovating your home or upgrading your office space, this Woodland Gris tile is a surefire way to elevate your surroundings.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Unparalleled Durability: Crafted from high-quality porcelain, this tile is built to withstand the test of time. Its sturdy construction ensures that it can handle heavy foot traffic without losing its charm.
  • Low Maintenance: The Woodland Gris 9x48 Matte tile is incredibly easy to clean and maintain. Its non-porous surface repels stains, making it a breeze to keep your floors looking impeccable.

Each box of Woodland Gris 9x48 Matte Western Pacific Tile covers approximately 12.05 square feet, providing you with ample material to transform your space into a work of art. Don't settle for ordinary flooring when you can have the elegance and durability of Woodland Gris at your feet.

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